Infringement Policy

1. Intellectual property protection statement: We strictly abide by various international and domestic laws and regulations, and resolutely oppose and severely crack down on any form of infringement. When using our platform, any user must ensure that the content they upload, publish, or trade does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

2. Copyright infringement handling: If you believe that there is a work on our platform that infringes your copyright, you have the right to send us a formal infringement notice. The notice should include your identification, the specific location of the allegedly infringing content, your copyright certification, and related legal notices. After receiving a valid notice, we will verify the situation as soon as possible and take measures such as removing suspected infringing content and warning infringing users of the copyright law and other relevant regulations.

3. Protection of trademark rights and patent rights: For cases involving trademark infringement or patent infringement, the rights holder can also submit a written notification and attach proof of rights and relevant evidence. After confirming that the infringement is true, we will deal with the infringing goods or services promptly and cooperate with the rights holder to safeguard their rights as appropriate.

4. Repeat infringement treatment: For users who repeatedly infringe on other people's intellectual property rights, we will give punitive measures such as warnings, functional restrictions, and even permanent account bans by relevant policies.

5. User responsibility: All users must ensure the legality of the content they upload or trade, and shall be legally responsible for any infringement disputes caused by their actions. We encourage rights holders to actively monitor and report infringements and jointly maintain a healthy and orderly online environment

6. Contact us: If you find any suspected infringement or have any questions about our infringement handling, you are welcome to contact us at and we will respond and handle it as soon as possible.